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How to add searchable layers to Experience Builder directions widget?

a month ago
New Contributor

I am new to Experience Builder, and I'm using it to create a campus map application for my university. I want to make it so users can get directions to buildings on campus, but the locator service I have added is Esri World Geocoder, which doesn't contain the campus building information. I would like to be able to use the feature layers I have created as searchable choices in the Directions search boxes. I have been able to do this successfully for the Search widget, but not for the Directions widget.

I have added an image which will hopefully demonstrate the workflow I have tried. I added the Directions widget, clicked on '+ Locator Source', then 'Add Utility'. In 'Items', none of my feature layers show up. I assume, therefore, that feature layers can't be used for navigation in the Directions widget, even though they can be used in the Search widget. Is that correct?

Do I need to create a utility instead? What kind of utility do I need to create to use in the Directions widget? And how do I create it?

Any pointers would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!


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You need a geolocator or address locator, it can be created from arcgis pro and published to your enterprise.

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