How do i republish a webmap from ArcPro without having to rebuild my whole ExperienceBuilder app?

02-22-2024 06:06 PM
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Seems like a real obvious thing, but i can't find any hits for this.

I need to republish a webmap that my EB app is consuming.  I'm republishing it from ArcPro after making some minor symbology/popup/etc changes.  ArcPro apparently won't let me republish to the same name so i have to delete & rename (which of course changes the ID).

But now the webmap/data references in my EB app are totally hosed, and i have to re-configure half the EB app in order to point to the republished webmap.

This can't possibly be the expected workflow for this common operation.  What am i doing wrong here?

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Hi, would your workflow work if you opened the Web Map in AGOL in your browser, made changes, and save it? In that case any changes would be immediately visible in your app and it wouldn't require repointing anything.

Apologies if I'm missing something. I tend to find that if you can do things purely in your browser, that can be cleaner than going back to Pro.

Also bear in mind that Web Layers can be overwritten from Pro even if Web Maps can't, so maybe in some cases it'd be appropriate to overwrite a layer and that wouldn't blow up your app.

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If it is just minor changes, I make those in Map Viewer in AGOL. That way the data connections are not broken in ExB. 

If you have to update the data using ArcPro, then you can open the web map from the Portal tab in Catalog and edit the data in the AGOL service using ArcPro. 

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