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11-27-2023 09:26 AM
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I am building an web application for a NON-GIS user.  They need to be able to create polygons and then export specific individual polygons to shp file for consumption in a different software. They do not want to export the entire feature service from the item description page as only select/specific polygons need to be exported.  Is there a way to export specific features to shp from any of the app builders and not the entire feature service from the item description page?




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The Table Widget supports downloading features in csv, json and GeoJson formats. GeoJson is probably the best download option for this purpose and should be supported in any standard mapping application. The Table Widget can also be configured to respect whatever filtering or selection the user does and limit the downloaded features to the selection.

The overall user experience will probably be very clunky, but this is likely the best you can do without making a custom widget.

Edit: The Query Widget also supports downloads and would offer a somewhat better user experience.

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