ExB Developer v1.14 Modify pop-up's location of pagination-action-bar

a month ago
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My pop-up is set to be docked with the position set to the "bottom-left". By default the "pagination action bar" and "Select feature menu" buttons to navigate through the stack of popups appear in a 'footer' on the bottom of the pop-up panel. 


When the position is set to "top-(left or right)" these buttons appear on the top of the panel in an "esri-features_header" (see pictures below). I want to dock the pop-up on the "bottom-left" but have the pagination and feature menu buttons appear at the top. I was able to move the buttons using CSS but this broke the event listener and clicking on the buttons did nothing. 

I am using a modified version of the OOTB 'arcgis-map' widget. 

Thanks in advance for any advice!

buttons appear in a 'header' at top of panelbuttons appear in a 'header' at top of panelbuttons appear in 'footer' at the bottombuttons appear in 'footer' at the bottom 




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