ExB Developer Edition Duplicate Widget Icons Disappear

04-19-2024 09:39 AM
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I'm using ExB Developer Edition 1.14 connected to an Enterprise account and I'm downloading and hosting my app on an internal web server. My app has several pages with several maps, each of which has a widget controller containing many of the same widgets (i.e. Map Layers, Basemap Gallery, Print, etc.). 


In my Dev Ed environment and even viewing the hosted app on my web server, I have no issues with viewing my widget icons. This is what I see across all pages and maps in the app.


However, when viewing the hosted app in Guest / Incognito browser mode and for all other users viewing the hosted app, the widget icons in the widget controller on the main page load and view correctly but on all other pages and maps, the icons fail to load and we see this:


The interesting thing here is that if I change the default widget icon to another pre-loaded option or a custom uploaded icon of my own, it works fine for all users. This problem only seems to affect the default widget icons and only on duplicate widgets after used once already.


Has anyone else hosting apps on their own web server encountered this before and if so, have you found any solutions?

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