Error displaying detail view of list object

09-17-2020 12:25 AM
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I want to report an error that occurs when ExB application is just opened and user selects an item from the list that is not the first in the queue (as you see from the Figure 1, i choose 2nd object on the list).

Figure 1

In the second page -Detail information page i can see that first seconds when the page is loading correct information (Figure 2), but when its loaded, it will change automatically (Figure 3).

After first selections it proceeds to work normally. Error is only choosing a first object in selection after reloading the application. This error is shown in all devices.

Figure 2

Figure 3

When description was difficult to understand, i can organize also short movie clip to show an issue.

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Additional bug, releated to this issue:

Error occures also when i use filter widget to filter list object. Again when i choose random object, it will change it with first object item info. 

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Hi Pille,

Thank you, I have logged this as an issue.