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Energy data in Experience Builder

05-20-2024 08:20 AM
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I am helping interns create a dashboard showing energy usage across our campus.  They have a test table of energy data - how many kw are being used per hour over months per building (fields incldude, dates, time of day, day of week, kw/hour, building name, etc.).  There are thousands of records and this is only a sample of the data. 

Our energy manager wants to be able to show this data over time on a map and in graphs/charts with filtering capabilities (working in Experience Builder).  The charts are working fine if we pull the data from the table itself....what I'm having issues with is the map.  He wants to show the buildings changing color based on their consumption, and have it update with the charts if you click a certain day or time or year, etc.

However, if i do a join from the bldg polygon to the energy table it creates thousands of copies of the polygons and draws so slowly.  Is there a better way to do this?  


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