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Elevation Profile - change slope units to % and change elevation gain to elevation difference

4 weeks ago
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Hi, I am configuring the Elevation Profile in EB for AGOL for a shoreline project.  It's working great with my own elevation layer, however we would like to display the slope as % not degrees.  Also rather than displaying elevation gain, is there any way to display a simple elevation difference (e.g. from top of slope to bottom)?  It would be easy to calculate but I don't see a way to configure that.  For example, in the screen shot below, we want to show an elevation difference of about 30', not just the gain of 7'.   Is this the kind of configuration that would require working in Experience Builder Developer edition?

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@JanetSilb_Spike There isn't a way to configure these options in the widget right now. You may be able to leverage the Dev edition to customize this. Note that this widget leverages the ElevationProfileViewModel | API Reference | ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.29 | ArcGIS Developers

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