Edit Widget not Reflecting Updates Made

04-22-2024 06:09 AM
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Working with the Edit Widget in Experience Builder, I have noticed that when I change a value and hit Update the panel reloads and the original value is shown again.

The underlying data is updated correctly though, and when I select another point, then select the originally updated one again, it shows the new value.

This behaviour is noted on my desktop PC using both Edge and Chrome, however on an iPad using Safari the updated value was shown as expected.

The editing is being done on a hosted view of a layer that is shared publicly. On another ExB I have editing the feature layer directly I don't see this behaviour.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is it something I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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Hi, thank you for the post. We've seen data-specific issues similar to what you've described. Would you be willing to collaborate with our support team to provide a reproducible app/data, so we can conduct further investigation? Thank you!

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Hi @TianWen 

Yes I absolutely would be willing to work with the support team! I have reached out to Esri Canada Support and been working with a member of the team there as well. The support case is #03609138 if you are able to view it from a different region. They told me they are working on logging a defect as they collect more information on it as well.

Their testing seems to show it has something to do with the 'Enable Edit' setting and the data refresh rate, as the data I am updating here is public, it can't be turned on, and is being edited via a shared editing group in the organization. When editing is not enabled, it delays the refresh of the change.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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