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Edit widget auto save

2 weeks ago
Occasional Contributor III

another edit widget question... is it possible to set it so it updates the feature as soon as you move off the attribute or select another feature

what we've found is if you are editing something and updated some of the fields if you then select a different feature it looses the updates you've made as it didn't save and no warning was given 😞

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Esri Regular Contributor

@StuartMoore This is a valid request and would really improve the user experience. I would be grateful if you were able to reach out to Esri Support to log an enhancement request so we can have it logged into our pipeline. 

Also, there isn't a Form widget in Experience Builder right now... perhaps Rickey is referring to some custom widget they are using.

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MVP Regular Contributor

@AlixVezina @StuartMoore 
Sorry I miss spoke on the form widget. There is no publicly available form widget. I have removed my post to not create any confusion. This would be a great post for Experience Builder Ideas page

Occasional Contributor III

thanks both, i'll post it in the ideas section


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