Dynamic Text Not Updating on Mobile Devices using a Filter

a month ago
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I have a feature layer registered with SDE in 11.2 Enterprise.  I have a simple Experience with a map, a dynamic text ("COUNT({OBJECTID})"), a table and a filter.  The experience works find on web.  When I open on iPhone or Android the dynamic text works fine (see attached "initial" screenshot).  When I apply the filter on using the phone the dynamic text shows the configuration ("COUNT({OBJECTID})"), not the updated value (see attached "with filter" screenshot).  The filter DOES filter the map and table correctly.  Any ideas whey this would work on web but not on phone? 


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Hi @JonathanPollack ,

I am unable to reproduce the bug you describe on my phone. Can you share your app with me or contact the support team to help reproduce this bug?



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