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Conditional Visibility of Widgets based on Layer visibility in Map

05-21-2024 08:27 AM
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Is it possible to control widget visibility based on which layers are visible in the map? Here's our use case. I have a sewer flow monitor layer that is live data in my map. Whenever it is turned on in the map I would like a text widget or indicator to show in the top right corner giving a visual explanation that a red symbol is near the capacity threshold, a yellow symbol is getting close, and a green symbol is normal capacity. This experience does a lot of other stuff and I don't want a permanent window/widget displaying the symbology explanation for the monitors unconditionally while the app is being used for other things. It will just confuse the user. It should only be shown when this layer is turned on. Our app isn't using views by design at the moment. We only want to deal with one map by design as well.




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Curious about this as well! My team is working with Experiences lately and we've been looking for a good way to specifically control widget visibility based on selected layers. Ping me if you find something useful here, please!