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11-28-2022 11:20 AM
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Hi all, 

I'm creating an application with a lot of features thrown together, and one of those is to have my pie chart(s) select points on a map based on a category. I had this function work during my testing and learning phase prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, however today (11/28/2022), if I click on a wedge, the map responds by showing the next color wedge counterclockwise to the one I selected.ExpBuild_photo1.jpg 

I've connected the chart widget to the map widget with an action trigger - the chart is set to filter the map based on a category. I've tried to colorize my map symbology with approximate colors I could use for the chart because we initially wanted more real estate for the pie chart and not have to use a legend twice. 


I did not use a framework to record selection changes because we would still like to show the percentage of that category along with everything else. Besides, I tested using a framework and the problem persists - I click the dark blue wedge, it shows me the next category counterclockwise in the pie on the map.


ExpBuild_photo2.jpgI have selected my bright purple features in the chart, but the next pie piece on the wheel is what shows up in the map. 

ExpBuild_photo3.jpgIf I select the light blue features in the chart, the beige piece (the wedge counterclockwise to the selected one) is what shows up on the map.


To rule out other connection error possibilities, I made a copy of this Exp. Builder and removed all of my other action trigger connections except for this one....and...



The wrong points are still being selected.


Appreciate your insight and was wondering if anyone was having similar problems. 



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