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Can't able to select feature after webmap change.

a month ago
New Contributor III

Hello All.

I facing an issue with selection of feature after changing the webMap. below is my code to change the webMap.

I'm trying to select the feature sing selection tool also selectFeatureByGraphic method as well. But none is working. But in default map, it working perfectly. I tried to create new jimulayerview with new webmaps layers, but that also couldn't help me. 
Any help will be appreciated. Let me know if any further info required. 

Thanks & Regards,

Mohammed Hila K 
GIS Developer 

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Hi @akbarhim 

Can u elaborate little bit? Actually i have developed a widget to switch the map. switching the map is working perfectly, but after that selection is not happening. I suspect that the issue with datasource, it is taking the default datasource as map widget already has. 

Can you please give some comment in this if possible.


thanks & regards,

Mohammed Hilal K

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