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Attribute Rules in Experience Builder

06-19-2024 12:59 PM
New Contributor III

I am creating attribute rules for my editors to see when they use the edit widget inside of experience builder. I am receiving an error stating the edit cannot be performed if it does not meet the constraint requirement which tells me it seems to be working as I intend it to work. But I wondered if experience builder was able to display the error message that I have created for it inside of ArcGIS Pro? Or attribute rules error messages are only able to be seen inside of ArcGIS Pro? Would it work with any other ArcGIS project?

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New Contributor III

What I've found is that domains are the only restrictions that display some sort of useful error message to the user. Particularly range domains. 

It is a huge deficiency if useful feedback is not given to the app user, and this capability is not strongly supported in Experience Builder. 

Something else that's supposed to work is Smart Forms but I haven't been able to test this as my enterprise environment is still on 10.8. (It requires 11.2 or 11.3.)

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