Have FeatureInfo widget support stacked features

09-25-2023 04:02 PM
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I don't see an Idea related to this post (Feature Info widget for multiple pop-ups - Esri Community) so I'm adding it here.

The FeatureInfo widget differs from the map popup in several important ways. One is that if you click on an area in a map, the popup window will return the popups of multiple features at the clicked location. This allows a user to scroll through the "selected" features, although the features are not technically selected. 

The FeatureInfo widget does not support this behavior, which makes it difficult when features overlap. The widget settings will show a predetermined list of features (either all or by predetermined query),  but there is no spatial component to that list. If the user clicks on an area, it will select one overlapping feature, but there is nothing to indicate that overlapping features are found. The closest we can come is to use the Selection tool, but even that does not replicate the behavior by default; the user has to know how to change the options to mirror the default popup behavior to the map, which makes replicating the behavior less likely (it can be improperly replicated or forgotten entirely). 

It is desirable for Experience Builder to be able to replicate the map behavior immediately on opening. When the users click on an area, have the FeatureInfo widget display the features using the same logic used in the map. This could be modifying the FeatureInfo widget itself, or by creating the option to make the "point selection " workaround in the attached post the default. 

One common example is "air parcels", the overlapping identical 2D parcels that represent different floors in a building. It's easy to miss that there are overlapping parcels at all, so the FeatureInfo widget's inability to express that creates a risk someone might miss that they're there at all. The ideal behavior would be to "select" (literally or otherwise) the overlapping features by clicking in the map, and have that list be scrollable in the widget.

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If you can use Developer Edition, Robert Scheitlin's Feature Panel will show results for all layers in a location. (Look for my note in the comments for 1.12 compatibility.)