Ability to save a widget style

02-03-2023 11:23 AM
Status: Open
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Configuring custom setting  for each widget is one of the most time consuming task when building an Exp. Builder app. It will be great to have the ability to save a widget style so it can be quickly apply to other widget.

Here is a very simple example:  I created a style that I like for a button on my List widget. If I want to include the same button style on the same list I can simple copy and paste or duplicate the button. However, that approach does not work if I want to insert the same button on another list. Unless I'm missing something, you will have to set all the configuration again to match the same style. 





@JoseBarrios1 I like the idea. Just worth mentioning if you duplicate the overarching list widget then the button configuration would be duplicated too.


Great point Richard!. The other limitation is that if I like the style that I created and I wanted to used on another Exp.Bld.  app, the copy and paste won't work. I would rather just change the link and name if I have to,  than re-configuring the rest of the settings. We already have an "undo" button that is capturing some of the settings, it will be nice if we can save all that to a "favorite style"  or  "eyedropper" so we can use it again!