WMS - random numbers added at the end of a layer name when using special characters or spaces

12-05-2022 06:22 AM
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When publishing a service on servers running on arcgis 10.8, the layers names on my wms service have random numbers at the end, when i publish the same service with taking off the special characters and the spaces from the layers names on my mxd, everything is fine.

Thing is, i want my layers with these characters but without the random numbers at the end.

I didn't have this problem with 10.3.1

Thank you !

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I have seen similar behavior when publishing or overwriting services using a cache.  Could your problem be related to caching?

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Hi ! Thanks for the answer, actually, I tried publishing a new service with a new layer with a name that has special characters. So no overwriting and I still had the same problem, problem that I didn't have with 10.3...

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