When is the next ArcGIS Enterprise version planned for release?

12-01-2022 02:36 PM
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In a related post, I asked: How long does it take Esri to support a new Oracle version? (regarding Oracle's eventual release of 23c)

And @MarceloMarques said:

The new released version of the Oracle Database is usually certified / supported on the next ArcGIS Release.

That leads me to ask: 

When is the next ArcGIS Enterprise version planned for release?

I'm aware that Enterprise 11.0 was just released in July 2022. So if I had to guess, I'd say the next release wouldn't be planned any time soon. But it would still help if someone could advise how often Enterprise versions typically get released. Is there a ballpark estimate for the next release, such as two years minimum, or something like that?


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Before COVID you could pretty much set your watch on releases, with the short-term release (11.0) around the Dev Summit (March).  And less so the long-term release (11.1), between UC (July) and October.

Having worked in the Esri Distributor and partner space since 2008 I'd go as far as say it's released when it's ready.  At this point, I'd anticipate it to be Q1 next year (very broad bush I know), but personally, I'm hoping around Dev Summit.  

I hate to say it, but I genuinely don't think you'll get a more fine-grained answer than that.  

Hopefully, we'll get back to two releases a year, but I'm guessing that things like COVID and Log4J will have taken their toll.


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Esri does not announce the next product release dates, but usually there are 2 major releases every year that customers are aware, one around Jun/Jul because the Esri User Conference is in mid-July every year and Dec/Jan, and during the entire year there are many patches' releases. I hope this clarifies.

Esri Support Product Life Cycles

if you open the ArcGIS Pro or the Portal or the ArcGIS Server Life Cycle chart you will have an idea of how often a major release happens, that will give you an idea around when to expect the next major release.

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