What is the latest version of ArcGIS Pro that will connect to a 10.6.1 SDE database?

11-28-2023 02:14 AM
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At work we have an 10.6.1 SDE database.

What is the latest version of ArcGIS Pro that can connect to this? Would ArcGIS Pro 3.2 work? I tried to look this information up but couldn't find anything online.

Many thanks

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The answer isn't a straight forward Yes or No. As per Esri documentation (sharing SQL Server as example) :

Compatibility between ArcGIS clients and geodatabases in SQL Server

When your ArcGIS client and geodatabase versions do not match, your database release must be supported for both the ArcGIS and geodatabase versions. See the ArcGIS requirements for Microsoft SQL Server for the ArcGIS client version you want to use. Also ensure that the database client you install on the ArcGIS client machine is supported for your chosen ArcGIS and SQL Server versions.

So as per the below links:

ArcGIS 11.2 and ArcGIS Pro 3.2 requirements for Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server database requirements for ArcGIS 10.6.x and ArcGIS Pro 2.1 and 2.2

If your 10.6.x geodatabase has MS SQL Server 2017 or MS SQL Server 2016 at the backend, it will be supported, as ArcGIS Pro 3.2 supports those two versions as well. Any higher or lower version of SQL Server isn't supported by both together.

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Thanks for your reply. The databases are on SQL Server 2017.

I  currently have ArcGIS Pro 2.9 installed and when I go to change a feature styling, the application keeps crashing.

So I was thinking of upgrading it to the latest version but needed to know if version 3.2 would support the database I need to access.

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As per the documentation, it should work, however like the link mentions:

You do not have to keep your geodatabase and ArcGIS clients at the same release, but it is recommended that you do so. Geodatabases and client software are designed to work together, and if you let one get too many releases away from the other, you risk encountering problems or unexpected behavior.

Also, make sure that you are using the supported ODBC driver to connect:

  • SQL Server 2017
    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

Any particular reason why the geodatabase needs to be kept at 10.6.1?