webgisdr starts but then closes without errors

12-09-2023 09:43 AM
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I have two servers: One (11.1) where webgisdr runs just fine and is making daily backups, and a second (11.0) where webgisdr tool will open but then closes without doing anything (no errors). I have stopped and restarted all Esri services in hopes it was that simple, but no luck. The lack of errors are making this annoying, so was wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour.

I have plans for upgrading both servers to 11.2 in the new year if that matters.

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There is a log file for WebGISDr.

In my case, WebGISDr runs on the primary not the standby portal server. I have task scheduler on both, and the primary server runs. 

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I run into the same issue ever once in a while. It drives me crazy!  A lot of the time webgisdr will randomly say it cannot access a folder that it has been writting to for months. I typically have to reboot my host to get it working again. 

Daniel Brumm
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