View all Web Maps being consumed by all Web Mapping Applications

05-08-2018 08:41 AM
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Is there a way to find this out for all Web Mapping Applications (WMAs), rather than going to each individual Web Mapping Application (WMA) to see the web map it consumes?

For example, if an organization has 100 WMAs, that assumes 100 web maps, correct?

How do I find out what those 100 web maps are without drilling into the WMAs?

I'm kind of thinking big picture.

Another scenario I have is one in which I would like to delete a web map, but am not sure if it is being used in any WMAs.

How would I find this out?

I spoke to GeoJobe, and at this time the admin tools do not support this need.

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I'm thinking that a possible option is to write a script that will open the json file in a Web Mapping Application that references the web map.

Then write the file name and app name as strings to an excel file.

Then, merge all the excel files into one workbook, and one sheet.

This would be a master list of the app/map inventory.

My question would be:

Where in a Web AppBuilder App directory can you find the reference to the web map?

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  In the WAB server/apps/[app#]/config.json is the only place at I know of that has the WebMap ID for that app.

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Great, I think I found it in the map object.

For example:

      "itemId":"a series of numbers denoting the web map id",
If I'm correct, it doesn't list the web map name, right?
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   Correct it does not.

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You can call Portal's REST API to get the details of that item by using the GUID

.../sharing/rest/content/items/<insert map id here>?token=<insert token here>&f=json

    "id": "<map id>",
    "owner": "",
    "created": 1505265579683,
    "modified": 1517563154747,
    "guid": null,
    "name": null,
    "title": "Network Operations Viewer Map - UAT Testing and NOT for Production use",
    "type": "Web Map",
    "typeKeywords": [
        "ArcGIS Online",
        "Explorer Web Map",
        "Online Map",
        "Web Map"
    "description": "UAT Testing and NOT for Production use",
    "tags": [

etc, etc.