Troubleshooting ArcGIS Enterprise log files with Custom Python Toolbox: Portal, Server, GeoEvent

06-29-2022 03:03 PM
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Attached is a Python toolbox script one can leverage using ArcGIS Pro to help Parse through numerous ArcGIS Server & Portal for ArcGIS logs (.log files), and cumbersome GeoEvent logs (karaf.log files). This is not a script that is directly supportable by Esri staff, but may help you narrow down troubleshooting efforts in the face of large log files for Server, Portal, and/or GeoEvent Server.

Python Script tool includes:

  • ArcGIS Server/Portal: Logs Parser
    • Parses ArcGIS Server & Portal logs- /server logs
  • ArcGIS Server/Portal: Logs Search Tool
    • Searches ArcGIS Server & Portal logs for specific message, code, machine, or request id
  • GeoEvent: Karaf log Parser
    • Parses karaf.log files, groups logs by # Instances X Component | Logger | Message

The script tool itself is meant to help administrators with access to the core Portal, Server and GeoEvent .log files, parse en masse via a specified folder, and use the information to help narrow down troubleshooting efforts. The current state of the script tool is unrefined with serveral known issues including issues with large .log files, inability to parse .log files for specific Server Services and GP services (i.e. only works on core logs/server .log files as well as Portal and karaf.log files). 

Though unrefined, this has helped me troubleshoot a few issues that involved pouring through weeks of log data in simple and complex multi-machine environments. 

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