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Restore from webgisdr Utility (10.8.1)

06-17-2024 04:13 PM
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Hi There, Our multi machine ArcGIS Enterprise environment includes a Portal machine, with one hosted GIS Server and Data store. We also have image server federated. We lost our Portal server earlier. I am in process of rebuilding the new portal machine from scratch and have it configured as before. All GIS servers are functional and only Portal server is missing. 

Once Portal is configured, our plan is to federate GIS servers and then use webgisdr utility to restore. We do have a full backup from webgisdr before we lost the Portal machine. I am curious if someone from user community has done this successfully. 

Appreciate any feedback.





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I found an interesting blog article here: Migrate to a new machine in ArcGIS Enterprise using the WebGIS DR tool (

This has lot of scenarios but it doesn't cover partial restore, which is the situation we are in. In our case, we only need to restore Portal server not other servers. 



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Other posts in Esri community have talked about partial restores with webgisdr. You can extract the webgisdr package and you will be able to perform import site operation with Portal backup.

I have done this successfully in basic test environments, but not in production. 

Here's an old Esri community post that discusses this

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