Problem to access ArcGIS Server Manager through Reverse Proxy Server - Virtual Machine on DMZ

06-13-2024 04:46 AM
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Good afternoon,

We have followed the steps described here Configure a reverse proxy server with ArcGIS Server—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterpr..., to configure our Reverse Proxy server. 

It is needed because the ArcGIS Server has been deployed on a VM in a DMZ, and it works for accessing the REST and Admin page with credentials. However, when we try to access the ArcGIS Server Manager, it returns the message: "You must enter an account that is a member of either the Administrator or Publisher roles for this site."


We are sure the credentials provided are correct and it works normally when we use it on Admin and REST Login page. Only ArcGIS Server Manager is showing this behavior.

An important remark: the Reverse Proxy server is pointing to webadaptor like https://<machine>/arcgis. It works when we access this internally and from another VMs located on the same DMZ.


If there is any colleague who had the same experience and could share how the issue was solved, it will be really appreciated.

Kind regards. 

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