Portal, Server, DataStore Export/Import

09-23-2023 10:12 PM
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1) Is there any restrictions using these operations between different arcgis enterprise versions? There is a new URL for portal which is different from existing URL.




2) Is there any order of these operations?

3) is there size restrictions on export's?

4) If using these operations , is it better to go to 10.8.1 first before upgrading to 11.1?

5) If using these operations , Can I go from 10.8.1 to 11.1 directly ?

6) How long each operation takes? What is the timeout in the browser?





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  1. WebGIS DR, or any of the export / import functions are NOT supported across versions of Enterprise. Changing the URL of Enterprise is only support with a Professional Services engagement. Otherwise it's not possible to change the URL with backups.
  2. Yes the order is as follows: DataStore, ArcGIS Server, lastly Portal
  3. The size depends on the amount of content stored in each component, but there's not a size limit to the file that gets generated
  4. Personally, I would go to 10.9.1 instead, as that's a good transition version before upgrading all the way to 11.1
  5. Again, backup / restore operations aren't supported across versions
  6. It depends on the number of items are published / created. The more Hosted Feature Layers, maps, apps, etc. within the Enterprise system, the longer the processes can take. There's not a set standard. I haven't had a timeout in the browser when running the restore of a site for Portal or ArcGIS Server. DataStore can only be backed up / restore via the command line utility. Personally I would look at WebGIS DR if the timeout is a potential concern. It's run via the command line as well, and has great logging about what step it's at / any issues encountered.
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Hi @ReeseFacendini 

We are upgrading from 10.8.1 to 11.1 in parallel  in Windows 2019 Server OS in HA env onpremise.

I have already built 10.8.1 servers.

I have decided to go from 10.8.1 to 10.8.1 to 11.1. Primary reason being using webgisdr.

But now i am having issues with webgisdr import as its asking for the same URL as the prod one. 

Which I am unable to use. So modified the etc/hosts to the prod one in all 3 machines in the enterprise.

I am having issues such as validating the federation. HTTP 502. Requested URL" https://xxx.xx.xxx/arcgis/admin/data/validateDataItem.

Failed to start the offline Packaging service in the hosting server with URL.

URL https://xxx.xxx.xxx/arcgis/admin/data/findItems=?......;token=..... is not accesible. : Error No subject alternative DNS name matching xxx.xxx.xxx found.

regarding point 4 recommendation to upgrade to 10.9.1 which i am not able to do because this is a parallel upgrade. can I upgrade to 10.9.1 in parallel. If so how can i migrate the portal users/ groups/items/content, DataStore content to 10.9.1 easily?

Also I want the UAT testers to use a different URL other the prod one untill we go live.

Are there any scripts to move users/groups ?





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