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Ortho tiles won't display with new basemap in AppBuilder

4 weeks ago
New Contributor II

Enterprise 10.9.1

We recently updated to our 2024 basemap. I changed the default and went through our most well-used maps and updated the basemaps there. Everything looked great until I started getting reports that our most recent Ortho layer wouldn't turn on - exclusively in appbuilder. The ortho works fine with the the new basemap in experience builder, map viewer, etc.

When I reverted to the 2023 basemap everything worked again.

Is it possible that the tile scheme is causing the problem? I noticed that the tiling scheme for our Ortho and 2023 Basemap use the AGOL defaults whereas our 2024 Basemap uses custom scales. See below:

2024 Basemap:


2023 Basemap:





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