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Offline patch: Portal for ArcGIS Security 2024 Update

4 weeks ago
New Contributor II

I am trying to update my Portal for ArcGIS with the “Portal for ArcGIS Security 2024 Update” in an offline installation. In the "Check for and install software patches and updates" instructions, there is a note for offline installations: “If your machine is offline or does not have direct access to the Internet, an error message will display. If your machine uses a forward proxy server to access the Internet, you'll need to specify the proxy server in the utility”.


The first thing that I tried was to download the patch from this machine (online) and transfer it to my offline machine, but when I ran the ArcGIS-1081-PFA-SEC2024U1-Patch.msp, it was interrupted with the following message: "The Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 Validation and Repair tool must be run prior to installing this patch. Please go to the ArcGIS Enterprise Patch Notification tool to run Portal for ArcGIS 10.8.1 Validation and Repair."

I can't run the Locate the Validation and Repair Tool without internet connection and I don't have a forward proxy.

My machine is entirely offline and I do not have the option of setting up a forward proxy. I can't find any instructions for updating in completely disconnected environments. How can I install the patch?

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I would suggest reading the following blog article regarding the Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 2023 Security Patch update:
Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise Sites 2023 Security Patch update (

Then, you can read about & download the Validation & Repair tool from its patch page:
Portal for ArcGIS Validation and Repair (

In general, patches can always be downloaded manually via the Support website:
ArcGIS Enterprise Technical Support | Esri

You can read more about configuring and patching in a disconnected environment, here:

Hopefully this is helpful information for your disconnected environment situation.

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Thanks for your help. The first link is exactly what I needed. I thought that the blog for the 2023 security patch wasn't going to apply for the 2024 patch, but I suppose I was incorrect. Thanks!

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