Migrating Server with ArcGIS Server Directory & Configuration

04-04-2024 01:00 PM
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Hello Esri Community,

We are planning on migrating our file server that is the location of our ArcGIS Server directories and configuration store to a new server.

If the new server has the same name/ip address would the transition be seemless with ArcGIS server or is there anything else that we would need to account for?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the response.  If the path name remains the same for the directories then I shouldn't have to change them.  I'm assuming that it would still write to the new server location without issue?

We are migrating from the exisiting server with  Server 2013 to a new server with Server 2022 and keeping all content on the server the exact same.

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i did a migration last month, and I used a join site option, this can be used to copy all data directory an configuration directory and your IP and machine name does not need to be the same.


hope this blog entry can help you, you can follow the steps for arcgis server.



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