manually delete files in walarchive folder?

12-02-2022 01:33 PM
Occasional Contributor

Our walarchive folder is getting too large at 469GB with all the log files. It is /arcgisportal/backup/walarchive.

I saw many posts here with the same issue. Can I just manually select and delete the files in this folder? will deleting these files this way cause problems with Portal? 

I know you can use the webgisdr tool to do this, but I am wondering I can just delete them manually.

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Esri Contributor

The files contained in that folder can be removed with the exception of the latest file (which is likely still being written-to). There was a database setting introduced at 10.9 to prevent the build-up of the write-ahead logs when not regularly using the WebGISDR tool, as well as a 'backup' mode that will not remove the cap on the log build-up.