Making use of custom elevation layers an basemaps in local scene viewer

11-22-2023 04:26 PM
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Hello Esri Community,

I'm navigating the intricate process of integrating our local elevation model with a projected coordinate system in a local scene, which includes our organization's base maps and various cached layers. However, I'm facing some challenges in making this work and understanding the whole setup. 

I've realized, all cached services must share consistent coordinate systems and tiling schemes. The coordinate system part is clear, but the tiling scheme is proving to be a bit of a conundrum.

The heart of the issue seems to be the Elevation layers need for LERC (Limited Error Raster Compression). This compression seem to be non negotiable for elevation layers, however since this type of compression isn't supported by standard tile caches or vector tiles it does seem to stir up a bit of a Catch-22 situation. How do I possibly get a matching tiling scheme between these layers? 

Is this complexity an inherent part of the process, or am I missing something obvious? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated to help resolve this issue. Using ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1.

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        LERC is just one option for compressing your elevation rasters. We chose to use a lossless compression. No compression is also an option.


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