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learning plan for System Architecture

05-14-2024 11:32 AM
New Contributor

Hi GIS folks, I have a good with Esri products (Map, Pro, AGOL, Enterprise,...) experience and also I am certified DataMangement Prof, Pro, UN, SME. But my years of experience about 4 years only (graduated 2020) and I'm not a CS guy.

I would like to be a System Architecture/design what is the learning plan or technical expertise should I have? I am not developer (I know a little bit about HTML/CSS and python).

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Esri Contributor

This is a great question, and worthy of discussion.

Esri does have a certification in system design, and a related learning plan.  Please see the certification web page for this certificate.  

Esri also has a fantastic new (and evolving) resource in the ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework site.

Becoming familiar with the topics here will give you background on ArcGIS architecture.