Join hosted feature layer to table inregistered database for view in web map

03-21-2023 12:56 PM
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I am trying to set up a web map for users to interact with that has a hosted feature layer joined to a table that is housed in a SQL database that is registered. This table gets updated daily and I am trying to get these updates to show up in the symbology of the hosted feature layer.

I am able to get the table added to the web map by publishing it in a map image layer, but I am getting an invalid URL error when trying to add the join between my map image table and the hosted feature layer when publishing as a view (I believe using the current map extent will create an independent feature layer that won't update as the source SQL table updates). 

Here is the join features docs that I referenced. Seems like both layers need to be hosted feature layers to create the view: Join Features—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

Is it possible to join a hosted feature layer to a SQL table and present the result of that in a web map in a format that it will be live?



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