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Is there a way to filter points based on a datetime field so that points are filtered out after midnight of the following day they were created?

3 weeks ago
Occasional Contributor

My team and I are using Quick Capture to build a way for our Parks Department field workers to place points where garbage bins are changed and washrooms are cleaned on their (mostly) daily garbage runs. In MapViewer on our Enterprise we want to filter points on the map so that points added marked as "garbage bin changed/checked" are displayed as green points, but disappear at midnight of the following day so that way managers and workers can see that X garbage or washroom has not yet been attended to for that day.

Right now we are filtering based on last 24 hours or last 1 day, but if the workers are at a site one day at 9AM and 7AM the next day then it will appear as though the garbage/washroom has already been checked, so we want to (if possible) filter based on a specific time for any given day (midnight).

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