Imagery layer preparation on "ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced" version of 10.8.1

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There is the need to process 1- and 3- band GeoTiff large files(size 2-4 Gbytes) for further
use in ArcGIS Portal as Web Map Application's pop-up with point values.
It is thought that such a task can be performed with Imagery Layer features.

We have ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced license.

Taking into account the above mentioned, I ask you to answer the following question:
1. Is the our license bundle sufficient to fully exercise Imagery Layer features?
2. Can anybody share with me an example/blueprint/video/etc of Imagery Layer preparation that also contains a set of necessary tools/licenses/features required?
3. Can I process Imagery Layers using license bundle of "ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced" version of 10.8.1?

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