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How many nested groups can I create in ArcGIS 11.2 Webmap

3 weeks ago
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I succeeded to create up to 3 nested groups.

Is there a way to create more?

If I try to create a group into level 3 group, no "Group" option appears.


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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Esri doesn't explicitly say how deep the nested group layer can be, but I have to say it's extremely rare to see a digital map with more than 3 levels of group layers. Performance aside, the map readability/usability suffers when it becomes so complicated.

I'd break up the map into multiple maps rather than organise the content as one map with >3 levels of group layers.

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When I try to create nested group in a webmap, I can nest no more than 3 levels. After 3 nested levels, the group control became disabled. Does it mean I need to configure more nested groups through the webmap json?

ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 on Windows.

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