High Memory Usage for GeoEvent Server

11-27-2023 04:31 AM
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Hi , 


I have just installed the GeoEvent server in the VM and with some basic configuration but still the memory usage remain around 100 % while running . we have also increased the RAM from 8GB to 12 GB . Can someone please suggest what should be the correct configuration to use in the VM . Below are some screenshot of the memory usage and allocation.






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Abhishek Kumar Choudhary

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Hi Abhishek,

I'm a novice when it comes to GeoEvent myself, but I can think of two things you may want to look into:

  1. Per ESRI's requirement documentation, they recommend at least 16GB of RAM to run GeoEvent. This page is for 11.2 specifically, but that 16 GB threshold goes back a number of versions.
  2. Are you using a bunch of geofences? It's my understanding that those are handled by RAM and can be quite taxing on the server. Even more so if their geometry is complex.

Good luck!


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Thanks @BenClark  for your suggestion , yes initially I was using 8GB RAM since I thought it would be sufficient for Non Prod server , but then increased to 16GB server  and it helped in decreasing the memory usage. 

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