ESRI Street Network data with routing

04-04-2024 08:15 AM
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I need to create street network data(only complete road network ) with the routing capability(shortest path including factors such as traffic etc) for a country using the Open Street Network dataset or any another trusted data source. 

- Any trusted source from which I can download the data for a country.

-ESRI tool create a road network with routing capabilities

The intent is to create a routing service API, which on receiving request will return the shortest path.

Can someone please guide me?

Thanks !

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Once you've acquired data to do this, you can follow this workflow to publish your network dataset to Enterprise/Server:


Creating the network dataset in Pro can be done like so:

This tutorial contains some example data - finding data for your country maybe a challenge!

Hope this helps! 

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what would be the esri StreetMap Premium options for this scenario?

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