ERROR: “ArcGIS Server Site is currently being configured by another administrative operation.

07-08-2014 02:17 AM
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ERROR: “ArcGIS Server Site is currently being configured by another administrative operation. Please try again later.”

I got the error shown in the screenshot below


What might be the issue here?

Thank you



Jamal Numan
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This method works. 


1)stop arcgis server services.

2)delete the lock files(*.glock and *.rlock ) in arcgisserver\config-store.

3) restart arcgis server service.

4)stop the pending stopping service and then start it.

This issue appeared in ArcGIS Server 10.2.2

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Hi Jamal!

We had the same problem under ArcGIS Server 10.2. We adjusted the folder priviliges to full access for the local user "arcgis" for the following folders: arcgisserver\config-store\; arcgisserver\directories\; arcgisserver\ServicesData\.

After restarting ArcGIS Server service all services had been started.



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So didn't notice any comments regarding if anyone was using Clustered Servers or if you are getting this in a single server environment.

I can say that we have several environments with as few as 2 and up to 6 clustered servers and have seen this many times. We do keep a number of our 300+ services running with an initial instance count of zero to conserve on full time resource usage. In general when we have seen this it's been a result of issues propagating changes across the multiple clustered servers. Something as simple as starting or stopping services is a command that has to occur across all the services in the cluster that host the service. It seems pretty common for 1 or more of the servers to hang up or not properly execute the commands. When we see this our easy fix has been to go into Server Manager and simply stop machines one at a time and re-verify the status then repeat until it is resolved. Sometimes stopping a single machine is all it takes and others we have had to go down to a single server.

Once the server that was hanging or not providing a valid response back has been stopped and this error is no longer appearing you can simply restart the server in the cluster and it will join back in with the appropriate change made (in this example the services is correctly stopped or started but this issue has been seen during configuration changes being made, etc. with the worst issues of this occurring when updating certificates).

Hope that helps some who are clustering at least.

Very Respectfully,

Scott Fierro

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i've found that when clustered, it is the appliance (disk arrays) where the shared config store is that causes these issues (e.g. EMC Isilon) and not ESRI Software.

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I am facing same issue after upgrade 10.3.1 to 10.4.

After this issue i have need to restart ArcGIS server services and then start the stopped/stopping services.

Please suggest why this type of issue happen.

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We had problems with publishing map services after upgrading to 10.4.  When a map service failed to publish it would leave lock files behind which could only be cleared after a restart of ArcGIS Server.
We have resolved this issue by setting all our map services min instances to 0.  I suspect the new publishing patch may also help, but I've yet to test it.


Sarah Noakes

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Hello Sarah,


The new publishing patch does not resolve this issue.

When I have received or facing this error, then only AGS process restarts is correct and useful option at that time.


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I had this issue on a production server so restarting the service or machine was not an option. I managed to resolve it by deleting the lock files for the specific service in:


  • <ArcGIS Server installation directory>\directories\arcgissystem\locks


The lock file itself was locked by another process (javaw.exe) so I had to use Process Expolorerto indentify the lock and force the delete. (This didn't cause me any problems, but things like this come with all the regular warnings of messing your system up, so beware. This was ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)


To use process explorer:

  • Run it and select "File>Show Details For All Processes".
  • Cick "Find" in the tool bar.
  • Search on the lock file name (glock, rlock, wlock or whatever it may be).
  • Select the process in the search results.
  • The file should be highlighted in the bottom half of the main application window.
  • RIght click it and choose "Close Handle".
  • Locate the file in File Explorer and try to delete it.
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Thank You - Worked like a charm!
We have been struggling with this issue since 10.4.1

There is a publishing patch we are going to try next week to see if it fixes the actual issue. We just need to wait until we can do it off hours because it restarts all services.

For others: Process Explorer Can Be Download Here


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That helped!  The right-cilck->close step did not work for some reason, but instead you can find the Process ID in the Task Manager and just end the task before finding and deleting the little gremlin lock file.

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