Edit operation failed when executing Evaluate on Batch Attribute Rules with ArcGIS Enterprise

11-30-2023 05:28 AM
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We are facing a problem when executing Evaluate on Batch Attribute Rules in our Production environment with ArcGIS Enterprise.

We get an error message from ArcGIS Pro :


When executing the same evaluate using the REST Api : /ValidationServer/evaluate, the execution terminates, but it takes more than 5 minutes to finish.

Production environment is configured with High Availability with 2 ArcGIS Portals, 2 WebAdaptors, 2 Datastores and 6 ArcGIS Servers which are accessed through a load balancer (F5). Portal is configured with the web adaptor for load balancing.

When we test the same Evaluate for batch Attribute Rules in our Integration environment, everything is working fine. The main difference is that the Integration environment is not configured with High Availability. We have one machine for each ArcGIS Enterprise product, and configured Portal and Server with the web adaptor.

Both environments make use of PostgreSQL and are configured with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1.

When debugging the feature edit service in production, we noticed that during the Evaluate process, it seems that the process is stopped during several minutes, probably causing the ArcGIS Pro client to timeout the action :

EndCursor;DataAccess 1 ms;ExecuteQuery 2 ms;Database: dbconnection;SQL: SELECT Name FROM sde.GDB_Items WHERE UUID IN (SELECT OriginID FROM sde.GDB_ItemRelationships WHERE DestID IN (SELECT UUID FROM sde.GDB_Items WHERE PhysicalName = 'some postgresql table' AND Type IN ('{70737809-852C-4A03-9E22-2CECEA5B9BFA}')) and Type = '{A1633A59-46BA-4448-8706-D8ABE2B2B02E}');Number of features returned: 027/11/2023 15:36DEBUG102023service nameGeodatabase.Cursorserver2733625568user67bf56d1-b136-4570-a137-830107fda54c0.00409

BeginCursor;Database: dbconnection;Version: versionname;SQL: SELECT * FROM sometable

27/11/2023 15:39DEBUG102023service nameGeodatabase.Cursorserver2733625568user67bf56d1-b136-4570-a137-830107fda54c



Thanks for any advice on this issue.



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