Does ArcGIS Enterprise support custom ODBC or JDBC drivers for read-only access?

08-08-2022 06:04 AM
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Curious if its possible (out of the box without development) for ArcGIS Enterprise to support custom ODBC or JDBC drivers to other database platforms.  I know it only supports a handful for spatial based data, but we have Presto DB in our environment with lots of useful data, and would rather not worry about ETLs just for getting them into arcgis for read-only services.  Any thoughts here?

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This is possible through ArcGIS Insights, and you actually have to upload these JDBC files to arcGIS Server to make those connections:

However, I am not positive that those are exposed for use outside of ArcGIS Insights.

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Custom data feeds (beta feature for 11.0) may offer the extensibility you need, here's the initial blog post where updates should be added once it becomes available.