Cannot create hosted features services when data are stored in Azure SQL Managed Instances due to the large number of characters included in the conne

09-21-2023 03:52 AM
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A connection against an Azure SQL Managed Instance includes a large number of characters as shown in the below screen.


When attempting to analyze the data before publishing to create a hosted feature service the 00176 error is returned “Server name path exceeds operating system limit”


According to the ArcGIS Pro Documentation

“The <value> parameter refers to the staging path, the input directory path on the server, or both, or the path to the data's source data.”

Here the <value> is “Server name”, thus referring to the input directory path on the server. In order to confirm that, I exported the data into a file geodatabase and attempted to create the hosted feature service. The hosted feature service was created successfully, thus the error is not related to the input directory path on the server.

It seems that the reason behind the error is the staging folder in the ArcGIS Pro machine. Though I have shorten this path to “C:\STG”, the error insists. I have also tried to remove the NTFS limitation for long paths in Windows Server 2022, with no luck (I guess that the analyzing process takes into account a certain, predefined number of characters and does not dynamically check the capability of the OS to support larger paths).

Is there any workaround?

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