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Calculating the distance from dolphin sightings to the mouth of the river

05-11-2024 04:11 AM
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Hello everyone,

For our data collection, we record the GPS coordinates when we start a sighting of a dolphin group. I have put these data points onto my map, and I would like to know what the distance is from each data point to an arbitrarily chosen point that will represent the mouth of the river.

I thought that I needed to use the Distance Accumulation tool, but I notice the output doesn't have an attribute table, which confuses me. Ideally, I will use the distances that ArcGIS measures for each data point in R to perform a generalized linear model analysis.

I also need barriers to be considered, since the river is not straight. I tried joining my "mouth of river" point and my shapefile so they could be used as the barrier raster. But... I don't think this is right. I attached a screenshot to show what I did.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or am I just misunderstanding the tool?


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a distance raster will be floating point, hence no table, only integer rasters have them.  If you have your accumulation raster done, have a look at

Optimal Path As Line (Spatial Analyst)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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