ArcGIS Web Adaptor 10.8.1: Connecting to ArcGIS Server only on HTTPS (Port: 6443)

08-17-2022 08:27 PM
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ArcGIS Web Adaptor 10.8.1 connecting to ArcGIS Server only on HTTPS (Port: 6443), where as ArcGIS Server protocol is still allowing "HTTP Only".




By keeping ArcGIS Server protocol on "HTTP Only", is there way to configure Web Adaptor to connect ArcGIS Server on port 6080?

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My inclination is to turn this around and ask "why do you want to use HTTP only for the server?" 

Every build I have completed (for the last few years) has been "HTTPS only" on the ArcGIS Server, and HSTS on the web server, which upgrades HTTP requests to HTTPS.  That's the approach I'd recommend for everyone.  I do not see value in using the HTTP only.  

Sorry, not the answer you probably want, but HTTP is dead so it needs to be asked.

There is a way to configure the Web Adaptor form a commandline, but even there you cannot override the ports: 


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I second what Scott said here.

   If your underlying ISS is not configured to receive http traffic (as in, no port 80 open) and you fore ArcGIS Server to communicate over the WA over http only, you will be unable to access ArcGIS Server over the WA.

   That being said, I would strongly urge you to configure this using https and not http.

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