ArcGIS Notebook WebContextURL Possible Bug

11-29-2023 05:21 AM
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Hey all,

I have been attempting to set a Web Context URL for our Enterprise Setup after our Reverse Proxy has came up. When attempting to set this URL, I get this error here:

Screenshot 2023-11-29 081312.png

This is the configuration in the properties file: 

Screenshot 2023-11-29 081347.png

Enterprise 11.1 | Apache Proxy 2.4

Why could this be incorrect? It fits what the error message is requesting and context is set, it does not matter what I put in for the context, it will still error. Anyone have similar issues?

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Esri Regular Contributor

I believe the issue is that the WebContextURL parameter is expecting a traditional DNS entry ( and by only passing the server name in (https://gis) it's not meeting the requirements. You would need to configure your server to use an FQDN to be able to set that property.

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Hey Reese,

My example did not highlight my actual URL as correctly as it should have, I am currently using a traditional DNS entry, it's more like which is the FQDN for this case.

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