Arcgis Enterprise items ask me to sign in to local EC2 instance

10-03-2023 02:52 PM
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I installed ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal and server works fine but when I tried to access items from portal folder I receive a warning saying to sign in to access the item. Did I miss some config?




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it looks like you're using a hostname in the 'web map':


you would typically using a fully-qualified domain name there:

the fully qualified domain name is typically trusted whereas the hostname is not.  Have you got an alias to use?  That's a particularly gruesome URL otherwise.  I strongly recommend create an alias before you start loading any content.  e.g.  


Scott Tansley
Consulting Architect (ArcGIS Enterprise)
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Just to add to Scott's answer, if this is a new Enterprise and you've registered the web adaptor for Portal and Server - you may need to amend the web adaptors to use a friendly DNS alias on the registration page. Please see:


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