ArcGIS Data Store 11.2 Not accessible TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '3')

02-29-2024 12:49 AM
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Version 11.2 ArcgIS Data Store: Buggy and strange behavior...
The default address to access the applications is not eccessible, the console error is:

1. The link is the default for the store:

2. I use NGINX to provide https connection (that's why there is no port in the link it's a reverse proxy request).

3. Port 2443 is accepting request and is listening on the machine (Ubuntu 23.04.3)

4. If there is a port 2443 present(avoiding NGINX), the Data Store main page is unaccessible at all (pending request)

5. The SSL certificate is updated with the provided from the sys admins of the network (Corporate cetrificate);

6. The firewall ot the Data Store machine is off 

7. ArcGIS Server is able to communicate with the store, even registered and validated relational and tile cache

8.The console error: 

error TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '3') 

at new x (bootstrap.js:178:400)
at a.hasSameOrigin (bootstrap.js:272:1)
at bootstrap.js:272:477
at Object.some (dojo.js:103:185)
at a.canUseXhr (bootstrap.js:272:288)
at n (bootstrap.js:158:112)
at T (bootstrap.js:167:191)
at E (bootstrap.js:175:130)
at bootstrap.js:175:305
at e (bootstrap.js:126:320)

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Hi @Kiril_Petkov,

I don't have much experience in this area, but my best guess based off your info/screenshots is your issue is related to your nginx CORS config (or lack of it).

Regarding your point number 4 - With the other information you've provided, I would expect that you should be able to access the datastore page when you bypass nginx via https://datastore-machine-name:2443/arcgis/datastore if you attempted this on the actual datastore machine itself. Is this not the case?


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No, the CORS is OK, the SSL Certificates are OK, the corporate proxy server settings are Ok,
BUT bypassing NGINX as reverse proxy is not possible in our case. the page is not disoverable/
Using NGINX as reverse proxy is the only way to access the endpoint(with the mentioned error),  (  forwards to

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