Approaches for Health Checking an ArcGIS Enterprise

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I've been tasked with looking into approaches to doing an ArcGIS Enterprise Health Check.

My literature review so far suggests that organisations often engage external consultants to review their ArcGIS Enterprise using three steps:

  1. Consultants spend 2-3 days onsite to learn about the current implementation and any concerns with it;
  2. Consultants install monitoring software to obtain baseline information about how the current implementation is performing; and
  3. Consultants provide a written report to summarize the results of the meetings and monitoring, and to make recommendations for improvements

If you have been involved in an ArcGIS Enterprise Health Check, is the approach above what you would recommend, or do you have other advice to offer?

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That's a genuine pattern, yes.  But the consultant should also ask if they have any particular concerns that require a deep dive?  For example they may know of security weaknesses or geodatabase health problems.  There could be specific performance issues, that need further investigation as well.  

A common topic at the moment is, the cloud, and if the existing environment is fit for migration and best strategies to that.  This latter discussion should also consider Kubernetes, if the scale of the current solution aligns.  

I normally allow for around 2 weeks, but if further investigation in a specific area is required then that may expand to 3.

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Hi @GraemeBrowning_Aurizon

FYI, you could use ArcGIS Monitor to help with doing a health check on an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. ArcGIS Monitor helps optimize your enterprise GIS investment through proactive performance and system health monitoring. 

If you don't want to review the product page, take a look at the recent release blog: Next Generation ArcGIS Monitor 2023 Now Available! 

Hope this helps,