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3D Symbology shows thumbnails, but no models when style is selected

06-15-2024 06:23 PM
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I provide support for GIS Analysts within my organization. One of them is struggling with using 3D objects within a web scene. Originally, when choosing anything besides Basic Shapes, no thumbnails would appear for any of the selections. A post on this board suggested repairing Portal for ArcGIS Web Styles. We attempted that but found that it failed due to missing .msi file(s) needed to perform the repair, likely removed to conserve server space. We also noticed that while the version we were attempting to repair had 11.1 in the name, all other ArcGIS Enterprise products were version 11.2.

We downloaded Portal for ArcGIS Web Styles 11.2 from, then uninstalled 11.1, following with a fresh install of 11.2. Revisiting the 3D objects in the web scene, the thumbnails now appeared. Unfortunately, choosing a selection from any of the sections failed to render actual 3D models on the scene. The 2D points we were looking to change into 3D objects simply disappear. However, one section besides the Basic Shapes does work--Low Poly Vegetation.  All items within successfully display 3D objects when selected.

While troubleshooting, we opened the web console to see what was happening when choosing a 3D object that failed to appear. This is what we found.

image (5).png

Looking for any troubleshooting advice on this. 🙂

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