10.1 Memory Issues

09-05-2012 04:35 AM
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I have installed 10.1 onto a new server and have been experiencing issues with memory usage.  Our current 10 installation of ArcGIS Server utilizes about 12 MB of memory, while 10.1 is utilizing about twice the amount of memory with less services running than on our 10 server.  Also the javaw.exe process grows to over 2,000,000 K.  Has anyone else had issues like this with 10.1?  Tech support did not seem aware of this issue.
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We've got similar issues, and we're at 10.2 so extremely keen to find out from ESRI what we can do about this. Our logging javaw.exe process has reached 1.5+gig on a number of occasions and won't let up. We have about 20 map services hooked in, so not a massive load as far as SOCs are concerned, but that log process concerns me when I read that some users are getting 3+ gig tied up there!
We're about to upgrade to 16gig RAM, across 4 servers/nodes (quad core) in the 'site' and will be hitting that up with some decent load tests in the next day or two, so will report back some findings if that helps anyone!

First and foremost - is there a way of restricting the amount of memory used for the logging process?? it seems the other javaw.exe has a maximum memory set in the string, but the logging one doesn't - or is this not a good idea?  Just looking for some feedback on this if possible.

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We are also facing the same issue in our QA( ArcGIS for Server 10.1 with SP1) and Prod servers(ArcGIS for Server 10.1 without SP1). Our IT Infra team informed they have received an alert �??Percentage of Committed Memory in Use is too high�?� for the servers and found multiple instances javaw.exe are running and consuming more memory of the server.

For QA we have single machine configuration and for Prod we have multiple machine configuration (each 8 GB memory) . Is anyone has found any solution to reduce the memory usage due to the javaw.exe process , please let us know.

Thanks ,
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If you're getting reports that the percentage of committed memory is too high the solution is not to try to limit the memory consumed by the GIS Server, the solution is to increase the virtual memory available to the server. The commit charge percent is a relative measure that takes both physical and virtual memory into account.
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Hi Randall,

Many thanks for your advice. We have requested them to make the changes to increase the virtual memory.

Thanks & Regards,
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ArcGIS Server 10.1 (likely 10.2 as well) is a RAM hog. The more services you run, the more RAM that is used. Add in SQL Server Express, another RAM hog and you may likely see your editing/refresh processes running slow. The solution is to add more RAM to your server machine.

We have a dual-core processor windows server with 8GB of RAM. We run 40 ArcGIS Server services AND SQL Server Express with ArcSDE. We found that these resources combined together use 79% of our RAM resources. Our solution was to triple the RAM on our server machine to 24GB AND identify how often our map services are used, if they are not used often, we reduce the minimum instances to 0 and the maximum instances to 1 using ArcGIS Server Manager. ESRI recommends doing something like this to free up RAM resources.

We found this solution worked great for us and cost less than $300!

One more item, we found that on our server machine's system drive (C), Windows OS alone eats up 30GB - 40GB of memory space. Make sure you have enough free space leftover on your system drive for ArcGIS Server and SQL Server.
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Has anyone experienced slowness of AGS services outside the firewall compared to the same AGS services running fast inside the firewall?  If anyone has experienced this phenomenon, what could be causing this type of issue?
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ArcGIS Server 10.1 and 10.2 are more resource intensive that ArcGIS Server 10.0.  The system requirements have doubled, so machines that had no problem running ArcGIS Server 10.0 will have to be monitored to see if more resources are needed after installing 10.1 or 10.2.  From the help:

"For a development environment, the minimum RAM requirement for ArcGIS Server is 4 GB. This requirement is based on a typical development server with the following environment:

  •     Two cached map services

  •     One dynamic map service

  •     One locator service

  •     One geoprocessing service

  •     Geometry service

  •     PrintingTools service

  •     SQL Server Express

  •     IIS with Web Adaptor"

Building off of what Timothy said, there are a number of tweaks that can be made within the service properties to help keep memory consumption down.  Set the minimum number of instances to run the service at 0, so a ArcSOC.exe process won't spin up until it's needed.  You can keep the maximum at 2 if you'd like.  Stagger the Recycling time for each service so that the requests to recycle the services don't go out all at the same time.  This should happen on down-time anyway so it may not be that much of an issue.  For isolation, low isolation should never be used as it provides marginal increases in performance yet introduces many possibilities of the service crashing.  You can decrease the time to keep an idle instance running, so it'll release the context holding that instance, freeing up more memory.

The javaw.exe processes you see control the internal Tomcat server and the Geronimo processes, and the Tomcat process isn't just devoted to logging.  Logging is just one of it's responsibilities.

As for troubleshooting problems with performance, if you're going through the web adaptor, you can try to run Fiddler as the user running the web adaptor application pool and monitor the traffic that's coming through it.  If the requests the web adaptor recieves and the responses it sends are fast, then it'd seem like ArcGIS Server is working fine, and the problem is specific to the firewall.
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So, what was the setting and what hypervisor are you using?  Hyper-V, VMWare?  We've been having the same problem, I think and are all out of ideas. 
Turns out it wasn't an ArcGIS Server issue, but a setting that needed to be changed in our VM software after increasing the amount of RAM.

Sorry, I'm editing my post because I didn't realize there was more.  Then I found the rest of the posts and realized that I've already read all of this.  Still don't know what to do to fix our performance issues.
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We use VMWare, and from what my server guy can remember, it was the configuration manager software that was causing the problem.
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We have a similar issue, have a beefy 8 core machine with 64 GB RAM (VM) and looking for an option to recycle javaw.exe processes without an interuption to end users. Our javaw.exe logging process goes up to 9 GB of memory, peaks to 35%+ overall CPU utilization randomly during the day and esp. on the Web adaptor it makes map service requests extremely slow for that moment.

Any ideas how to bring the RAM utilization down?
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